Roger Cotton Photography is one of the premiere action sports photography companies in Memphis and the mid-south. We specialize in action sports and event coverage and have a specialty team of professional sports photographers to cover simultaneous events spanning multiple arenas. We also handle team photos, and by bringing multiple photographers we can do an entire league's team and individual photos in a single appointment.

In addition to action sports, we also are an established live event photography company. We have covered everything from banquets and award ceremonies, to celebrity and stars in concert. One of our favorite events was a blacklight glow party for an 18th birthday. Impossible lighting conditions and 300 teenagers dancing to a live DJ in Minglewood Hall? No problem!

We also offer boutique portraits and senior photography. We do not subscribe to the "shoot and burn" philosophy where you get a ton of similar images tossed on a disc and given to you with no quality control from your drug store photo lab. We make every photo you receive a work of art, individualized to portray your personal traits. These prints are mastered to rich metallic paper, thick acrylic sheets, pure glass, and even directly infused into metal. These truly are lifelong works of art.

Like many photographers, I started in high school shooting for the yearbook. That was 20+ years ago and it is still something I enjoy today. We've come a long way since that Pentax K1000, but it takes more than just modern technology to produce photographic art. Let us show you how our team can exceed your needs